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NYC hypnosis to lose weight quickly. 8 easy steps.

We all know, weight loss is possible – we have seen famous people lose weight in rather short periods of time. Rapid weight loss, is it possible? It is possible, depending on how much weight you want to lose and if your doctor recommends it. Consult with your physician first. To lose [...]

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Hypnosis in NYC. What you must know.

Hypnosis in NYC has become a more common and accepted form of therapy for a positive change. Clinical hypnosis can be used to rewire your mind for more healthy behavior patterns and ways of living. Most of our clients ask two questions before booking a hypnosis session: How does hypnosis work? What [...]

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NYC Hypnotism: 3 Things You Must Know

Looking for hypnotism in NYC? Before you make this life-changing decision, here are three very important things you should know: – the hypnosis market is very competitive in NYC, know how to choose your hypnotist – every hypnotist is unique, with a specific style and expertise, find the one that is right [...]

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How one woman overcame her fears of sex with hypnosis

People are often intrigued by hypnosis and how it works in clinical setting. In this part of my blog I will be describing hypnosis sessions with my clients. All names will be changed and situations slightly modified for the purposes of clients’ confidentiality. A hypnosis session is typically divided into two parts, [...]

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NYC Hypnotist Elena Mosaner recommended reading

These are the books I highly recommend reading. They have influenced and shaped my thinking or simply inspired me. Most of my hypnosis related work is based on a simple idea that we must hone our critical thinking because hypnosis is all around us. I also encourage the understanding and using of [...]

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NYC Hypnosis to forget someone and overcome heartbreak

How do I forget my ex with hypnosis therapy? You will not completely forget them, because you can not erase memories, but you can make certain memories distant, unimportant almost like an old and hazy dream. Think of some old memories of either your first boyfriend or girlfriend or some event that [...]

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How much do hypnosis sessions cost?

The first questions potential clients ask a clinical hypnotist are: “how much do hypnosis sessions cost” and  “how many sessions are needed to work on an issue?” Fees of course vary from hypnotist to hypnotist. Experience and location of the practitioner also define the price. Hypnosis in NYC can be fairly expensive. [...]

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