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NYC Hypnotist Elena Mosaner (Beloff) on ABC Good Morning America: Hypnosis for Exercise Motivation

Using Hypnosis to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Hypnotism for a Broken Heart

How hypnosis can help you shed those extra pounds
featuring NYC Hypnotist Elena Mosaner (Beloff)

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All self-hypnosis audios are uniquely designed and narrated by Elena Mosaner (Beloff). Elena also custom designs self-hypnosis audios for specific client's issues. If you are interested in ordering a customized audio, click here.

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Pain MangementPain Management Self-Hypnosis Audio $19.99

Release pain from your body and soul.

This 17 minute self-hypnosis audio is designed for pain management. Visualization exercises and metaphors induce a healing soothing trance which will help you release pain from any part of your body. This audio can also be used to help release emotional pain, like from a loss or break-up.

Narcotic SleepNarcotic Sleep Self-Hypnosis Audio$19.99

Self-hypnotize yourself with your personal affirmation.

This is a special 30-minute audio that induces a soothing narcotic sleep. In this audio, Elena uses parts of Dr. Flower Method and Dave Elman inductions mixed with her own personal hypnotic deepeners for a state of deep trance. The audio includes positive suggestions to release tension, discomfort or pain. Elena leads her listener to a receptive state of mind in which self-hypnosis can be performed by choosing and repeating silently a personal positive affirmation. Different affirmations can be chosen each time you listen to this audio.

E-stateE-state Self-Hypnosis Audio$19.99

Hypnotic ecstasy! Energize yourself for the day!

Hypnotic Ecstasy self-hypnosis audio is designed unlike any other self-hypnosis audios Elena Mosaner (Beloff) has previously produced. Hypnotic Ecstasy is a 21-minute audio which will energize the listener, inducing a very light state of heightened awareness. It follows with suggestions for the physical release of natural chemicals conducive for a happy mood and excitement. Positive empowering affirmations for well-being, confidence and motivation are included in this audio.

Stage FrightPerformance Anxiety Self-Hypnosis Audio$19.99

Let the Stage Fright transform into the Stage Delight!

This 32-minutes audio program is designed for performers of all levels and all kinds. It eliminates the fears of being on stage or in front of casting directors, cameras or any type of audience. Anxiousness is transformed into Excitement with Elena Mosaner (Beloff)'s new Powerful self-hypnosis audio program. The audio contains potent affirmations for confidence, anchoring strategy for a desired mental state, visualization of a desired positive outcome. This audio will help you reconnect with your powerful inner resources to be a fearless performer, your true you.

Self-hypnosis for insomnia and anxiety Mental Anti-Virus Self-Hypnosis Audio$19.99

Overcome Insomnia and Reduce Anxiety.

This 30-minutes audio program slowly induces a relaxing state of falling asleep. It is perfect for insomnia. This program also helps you build a strong mental stamina just like an anti-virus program in computers. Stress, tension and negativity will roll off of you like water off a duck’s back. This audio will help you go through your days with a sense of ease, calm, self-control, being in the moment, making the type of decisions conducive to your overall success. It is suggested you listen to this program before bedtime.

Sexual EnhancementSexual Enhancement Self-Hypnosis Audio$19.99

Stronger O's...

This unique 19-minutes self-hypnosis audio will enhance your sexual experience and intensify your climaxes. It will help your mind be in tuned with a sheer pleasure of the ultimate bodily function. This program is universally designed for both men and women.

Weight LossWeight Loss Self-Hypnosis Audio$19.99

Get the body you always wanted!

Begin losing weight by eating healthy, staying away from junk food, exercising and drinking plenty of water. This 20-minutes audio will help you get back on track with your healthy eating habits. Set your weight loss goal as directed in this audio. Let your mind absorb the suggestions for weigh loss, health and well-being.

Smoking CessationSmoking Cessation Self-Hypnosis Audio$19.99

Stop smoking today!

This 23-minutes audio will help you bring your conscious awareness of wanting to quit cigarettes to your subconscious level. Listen to it and let your mind absorb these suggestions. You will begin to lose the urge and will be surprised to find out how easy it can be for you to stop smoking with your own will power and tremendous amount of self-control. You will be able to quit smoking cold turkey with this self-hypnosis audio!

Fear of FlyingFear of Flying Self-Hypnosis Audio$19.99

Let your flights become comfortable and travels more enjoyable!

In this 22-minutes audio, a guided relaxation into peaceful nature with hypnotic deepeners will induce a healing soothing trance, followed by powerful affirmations for safety, comfort and calmness each time you fly. You will release your fears and unpleasant experiences from the past associated with flying. Your flights will become more enjoyable and easy.