Past Life Regression: Fake or Real?

Freedom concept. Escaping from the cagePast Life Regression is the practice of regressing one into life times previous to the one they live now. Bear with me, if you are a skeptic. Don’t go away just yet. I don’t practice past life regression as a clinical hypnotist and here is why.

Past life regression is based on a belief that your “soul” lives an eternal life travelling from one body to another through many life times. This belief hasn’t been proven by science and there is still no shred of evidence to prove the existence of past lives, to date.

The idea behind these regressions is simple. You see a hypnotist who believes in past lives. You believe in past lives. The hypnotist puts you into a state of trance – a healthy natural state of relaxation and imagination. Then, they ask you to “go back into the life times before this one.” It is basically a command. So, the imagination that you see begins to fit a framework of a presumable ( unproven) “past life time.”  From there on, you can create anything you want, especially with the leading questions of a hypnotist.

I don’t have a problem with the state of trance and imagination. Even Albert Einstein once said, “ imagination is more powerful than knowledge.” In fact, if you channel it right, it can help you paint a beautiful masterpiece, write a screenplay or a novel. Sometimes, it can help you soothe emotional or physical pain by envisioning beautiful sites or vast expanding universes. But to assert that this imagination is your previous life times would be total promulgation.

Past lives is just a popular framework that some people choose to explain their imagination and create certainty. You might as well choose something like “aliens are talking to me” or “angles are guiding me” or “I am accessing future realities or parallel worlds.” You can choose any belief to become the framework for your imagination. Or you can simply play and have fun with it and ride it as a roller coaster without any specific framework. Just use it for good.

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