Kara Dioguardi, a successful woman

I recently came across an interview on youtube, which have inspired me.

kara-dioguardiI wanted to share this interview with you and tell you why I like it so much.

Kara Dioguardi, is an American singer-songwriter, record producer, music publisher, A&R executive, composer. Many of you may remember her from American Idol, as one of the judges back in 2009 and 2010. She came out of nowhere and received a series of backlash and criticism while she was on the show. Nobody knew who she was and she constantly had to prove herself not only to the judges but to America. If she was introduced properly, maybe she could have avoided harsh criticism and judgment. But unfortunately she had a hard way to gain respect and recognition for her hard work while on the show. Ultimately, she found a way to fit in with the judges. She didn’t give up, she knew she was great. The greatness wasn’t just in her head, it was also in her previous work, which she did before becoming a judge on American Idol.

What I like about her in this interview with Howard Stern is that she doesn’t say a single negative word about anyone, even though Stern is trying to have her “shed some light” on certain situations and specific people. And indeed, all she does is shed light. She always has something positive to say about every person she worked with. She doesn’t blame anyone, even if the situations were unjust and troubling. At the end of the day she says, she learned a lot.

I am also amazed at how humble she is. How she never chased fame or recognition, even though she had a great voice and is an excellent song writer. She is a smart business woman, and she knows how good she is without bragging about it.

At the end of the interview she says, the best thing she did in her life was taking care of her dying mother for six years. Not too many people could do that, especially running around “chasing success.”

Here are some affirmations that I could extricate from the success story of this woman, which you could implement in your success motivation script for self-hypnosis:

I am positive and full of integrity

I aim for the right things in my life, those that are good for me and everyone around me

I respect myself , I respect my work

I am hard working

I succeed every day

I take responsibility for all of my actions

I connect with people and see good in all people

I am a professional

I face my fears

My actions speak my professionalism and integrity

Let me know what you like about Kara Dioguardi!


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