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Hypnosis to mend a broken Heart

Happy woman on the beachYou can not erase memories, but you can make them distant, unimportant almost like an old and hazy dream. Hypnosis therapy is widely used to help you heal a broken heart and move into a better and happier chapter of your life.

How does hypnosis work for a broken heart?

In the state of hypnosis ( deep mental relaxation) your mind is open to suggestion. Your hypnotist will help you relax, program your mind with positive affirmations and guide you into visualizing a new and happy phase in your life. A simple suggestion to detach from the memories associated with your ex will be given to you and sealed in your unconscious mind to help you distance yourself emotionally and mentally from this person.

Why is visualization important in hypnosis?

Visualization is a from of guided imagery. At least, according to Einstein “imagination is more powerful than knowledge.” In the imaginative state of mind, you can visualize your goals and desired outcomes. Athletes use visualization to rehearse their successes mentally, which helps them win their games, because the mind becomes more accepting of what the person wants and is capable of, in other words the visualization “erases” the doubts. In hypnosis for relationship break ups, visualization can be used to fast forward into the future, where you have completely moved on and you are focused on new and exciting things in your life, where your ex is an old and distant dream, which you can not and don’t want to recall anymore. You will feel free and at ease.

How many hypnosis sessions are needed to mend a broken heart?

We highly recommend two hypnosis sessions to heal a broken heart. However, you will begin to see the results after the first hypnosis session.

You will begin to accept the fact that you are actually better off without the person who broke your heart.  There is a much better chapter ahead of you, better times and healthier relationships. Start with yourself. There is only one person you need back. And that is you.

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Hypnosis after Ayahuasca

alex greyIn the last years it has become more and more common to hear about people experimenting with an amazonian medicine called Ayahuasca for emotional and mental healing.

If you tried Ayahuasca you understand that it works kind of like a virtual technology, allowing you access into the world of vivid imagination while being fully awake. What people see during Ayahuasca experiences is ineffable: moving patterns, sacred geometry, matrix like figures, stories unfolding before their eyes – words are not enough to describe these visions. Whatever you encounter in that world, contains an enormous amount of information, kind of like the internet. If you search for something specific by asking a question, you may receive an answer through pictures, sounds or personal narratives. Every experience is individual and varies from person to person. If you choose to just go with the experience without asking anything specific, you will still receive some sort of insight or information pertaining to your personal growth. As Graham Hancock said: “Ayahuasca is school.”  You come to “class” then you leave back to your ordinary world. You process what you have seen and learned  during the journey and try to incorporate the insights into your life.  If you choose to come back to this “school” again, then you return back to where you left off.

I am a hypnotist, not an ayahuascero. I help people relax mentally and emotionally using relaxation techniques or as we like to call it in the hypnosis world – hypnotic inductions. Once the client is in a relaxed state of focused attention, suggestions can be given for a positive change in the desired area of life.

Hypnosis can be quite powerful in the aftermath of ayahuasca. The knowledge and insights people receive during their journey on ayahuasca can be very powerful. If one follows through on the received knowledge, their life can literally be taken to a new level, creatively, professionally, personally and etc.

In my hypnosis sessions, I help my clients understand their ayahuasca journeys better. The knowledge they receive can be dissected into simple personal lessons and learning – all of which can be integrated in the unconscious mind through hypnosis, to enhance their personal growth.

Often people become overwhelmed by the information they receive during their ayahuasca journeys. There is a shaman to assist them during the ceremony. However, going back to the ordinary life it is not uncommon to get confused or even forget what was received. It is important to have a guide who can understand you, speak your language in order to process new information, so you could gain peace and greater wisdom.

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Artwork by Alex Grey