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NYC Hypnosis therapy to improve your love life.

A happy couple isstanding on beach at morning, vintage colorHypnosis is a process of woking with the unconscious mind, you can release limiting beliefs and patterns, visualize your success and happiness, program your mind with positive affirmations and simply relax to reduce stress and tension.



How can I use hypnosis therapy to help me find a soulmate?

Hypnosis therapy doesn’t guarantee or help you meet your soulmate.  Hypnosis therapy can enable you to get into the mental and emotional state of openness, readiness, sense of personal security and confidence, knowing what you want or don’t want. Your hypnotist coach will work with you to help you understand your values, increase self-esteem and clarify your sense of direction. With these components in place you are more likely to meet your counterpart for a relationship and love. It will just be the matter of time. There is plenty of fish in the sea!

Why is visualization so important in hypnosis?

Visualization doesn’t just work on some magical principal to help you attract love. No. It is pretty logical in fact. Through hypnosis and visualization, you will be guided to feel, see, hear or even imagine the touch and sensation of your desired outcome. This technique is often used in sports psychology, and it is called “priming.”  It can also be used for relationships.

To improve your relationships you can imagine your outcome ( which you and your consulting hypnotist will identify in your first hypnosis session). In this desired future you will see yourself happy, getting what you want, feeling comfortable and relaxed, confident and secure every step of the way. You can visualize yourself on the date or even on a vacation or honey moon. It never hurts to imagine positive things. In fact, it will only strengthen your emotional connection and belief, that whatever you want is possible and achievable. You will begin to act and behave accordingly to this belief in a waking state and your every day life. This emotional and mental state of mind will help you open up, focus and see whatever and whoever is worth your attention and is meant to be in your space. It’s out there!

How can I use hypnosis to improve my dating life?

If you have doubts or insecurities about dating and being out there to meet your potential mate, you can use hypnosis therapy to help you boost your confidence and increase self-esteem. You can learn to become more present, more self-aware and positive. Your hypnotist will help you identify what some of your limiting beliefs are and together you will reframe them into positive empowering beliefs. These new beliefs, in the form of positive affirmations will be “instilled” in your unconscious mind through hypnosis. You will act what you think and believe.

Which NYC Hypnosis Center should I choose to help me with my love life?

Always do your research. Find out who the hypnotist is. Check their credentials, degrees, certifications, specialties. Always google them and look up their reviews on google business listings. On the google review boards you will find verified people who have had hypnosis sessions with the hypnotist. Make a phone call, most hypnotists offer a ten minute complimentary consultation over the phone. Ask your questions, trust your intuition. And once again – look up their credentials and following.

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NYC Hypnosis to forget someone

Hypnosis to mend a broken Heart

Happy woman on the beachYou can not erase memories, but you can make them distant, unimportant almost like an old and hazy dream. Hypnosis therapy is widely used to help you heal a broken heart and move into a better and happier chapter of your life.

How does hypnosis work for a broken heart?

In the state of hypnosis ( deep mental relaxation) your mind is open to suggestion. Your hypnotist will help you relax, program your mind with positive affirmations and guide you into visualizing a new and happy phase in your life. A simple suggestion to detach from the memories associated with your ex will be given to you and sealed in your unconscious mind to help you distance yourself emotionally and mentally from this person.

Why is visualization important in hypnosis?

Visualization is a from of guided imagery. At least, according to Einstein “imagination is more powerful than knowledge.” In the imaginative state of mind, you can visualize your goals and desired outcomes. Athletes use visualization to rehearse their successes mentally, which helps them win their games, because the mind becomes more accepting of what the person wants and is capable of, in other words the visualization “erases” the doubts. In hypnosis for relationship break ups, visualization can be used to fast forward into the future, where you have completely moved on and you are focused on new and exciting things in your life, where your ex is an old and distant dream, which you can not and don’t want to recall anymore. You will feel free and at ease.

How many hypnosis sessions are needed to mend a broken heart?

We highly recommend two hypnosis sessions to heal a broken heart. However, you will begin to see the results after the first hypnosis session.

You will begin to accept the fact that you are actually better off without the person who broke your heart.  There is a much better chapter ahead of you, better times and healthier relationships. Start with yourself. There is only one person you need back. And that is you.

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Check our special self-hypnosis audio for relationship break ups. You will receive a complimentary link to this audio if you book your hypnosis session with NYC Hypnotist Elena Beloff.


How Katy Perry used hypnosis to forget someone

Katy-PerryRelationship break up are as natural as hurricanes and tsunamis.  They can hurt you, leave you restless and at times, even a little beat up. Nothing in life is perfect.

What matters the most, is the after-math and how you deal with it. Unfortunately, many people fall into depression or feel anger and resentment. Some desperately hope that things may turn around and their ex will come back to them. If it’s a real break up and deep within you know the relationship wasn’t working out and that it was time to go separate ways – then here are some tips to help you mend a broken heart:

  • Use deep relaxation to help you release emotional and physical pain. To relax, simply listen to a peaceful music and bring your attention to the emotional pain in your body and mind. Try to accept it and then release it. Do this for about 20 minutes.
  • Use mental visualization or rehearsal of your new possible future where you are participating in new, fun and positive activities; exercising, starting a new business or finishing a report for school and getting an A. Think of all the great rewards you will receive as you step onto the new path in your life.
  • Use positive affirmations stated in present tense, like “I have moved on”, “My heart has healed”, ” I am fully recovered”, ” I am renewed in my mind and body.”  Repeat positive affirmations silently with your inner voice for about 10 or 20 minutes. Hypnosis works a lot on repetition.

You can also use deep hypnosis and some NLP ( Neuro-Linguistic Programming) tools to help you forget and distance yourself mentally from specific people or memories. Singer Katy Perry, according to sources used hypnosis to help her forget singer John Mayer.

For example, in a very deeply relaxed state of mind, almost like a dream-like state you can give yourself a powerful command to detach from the person and begin to see them either unattractive or funny or you can picture an image of this person becoming blurrier and blurrier till you can not see them anymore, allowing them to become your distant past. You can laugh it now. It’s long gone.

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This self-hypnosis audio will help you disconnect from pain and discomfort associated with a break up. This audio comes complimentary if you book your hypnosis session.

Hypnosis for overcoming relationship break ups

Success winner womanHypnosis can help you heal a broken heart and forget a person. By using “a time forward thinking” while in deep trance, you can let go and move on with your life much faster.

There isn’t a more powerful remedy for a broken heart than TIME. Time can help you soothe your pain, distance you from missing the pleasant memories of the relationship or hurting from the painful. With time you can learn to let go and move on. With time you begin to understand the meaning of the relationship and why it ended and what you have learned from it. You begin to see the bigger picture and how it changed you and how it made you grow.

Every person heals a broken heart, it is just the matter of time.

Hypnosis can help quicken the healing process time while conditioning you to be more positive and energetic.

In a hypnotic state you can imagine yourself in the future where you have healed and moved on.  Where you are completely detached from pain, free from the memories of the relationship and false hope. In the state of hypnosis you can experience what it feels like to be full of positive energy again, renewed in mind and body. You can envision yourself participating in your regular fun activities, exercising and socializing and etc.

It is important to experience this powerful state even if you have to pretend and imagine to feel this way at first. This will teach you how all the emotions you experience now from your break up are nothing more than a state of mind. You can let go of pain, sorrow and sadness now. This state of mind can be changed in just a split second through hypnosis, visualization and programming the mind with powerful positive affirmations.

You can learn to choose your feelings and emotions. You can condition yourself to naturally and effectively choose a positive state of mind at all times. Excitement, looking forward, feeling happy and simply celebrating the joy of life – all of these positive feelings are possible now. Want it and you can have it.

Before the induction to trance, I spend time helping my clients outline specific personal suggestions and affirmations that are conducive for their success, happiness and overall peace of mind. Various positive suggestions for success motivation, exercising, eating healthy, being social and outgoing are given to a client accordingly.

Schedule a session with NYC Hypnotist Elena Beloff in her midtown Manhattan office or over Skype. CALL 646 450 8167 NOW or email  New York Hypnotherapy is Your Solution to mend a broken heart.

This self-hypnosis audio will help you disconnect from pain and discomfort and begin to heal a broken heart. This audio comes complimentary if you book your hypnosis session.

Hypnosis and Dating

How can hypnosis help you improve your relationships?

I recently shot a short video, which I may develop into a TV or an online show called “HypnoDating with Elena Beloff.” The concept is simple: I help people find love using hypnosis. I work with people individually to help them break through limiting beliefs and perceptions. I also work in groups using hypnosis to reverse gender, so the subjects could understand how the opposite sex thinks and functions.

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Relationships are very important  – they help us grow. Through relationships we are able to confront our many parts within – those that are fear or pain based and visa versa – we can enhance our virtuous parts.  Through deep connection with others we are able to heal, grow and expand our thinking.

Many times people are afraid of love or at very least build connections that may have a potential for short or long term relationships. Especially in big cities, like New York, where people often think they are not ready or not good enough for a relationship  and so on.

Hypnosis can help you break some of the limiting beliefs that hold you back in life. Hypnosis can help you visualize your desired healthy and happy relationship, so you can begin to attract love, as you stay naturally and more open to it. Hypnosis can help you believe that you deserve happiness and love. Want it, and you can have it.

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